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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ladyboy makes off with 55,000 Baht after night of passion with Swiss man..

Pattaya One News reports that a ladyboy has been arrested and charged with theft after admitting to stealing a Swiss man’s credit card after a late night romp in Walking Street. Everything seemed normal for the tourist after he had enjoyed a bit of fun with the ladyboy which he had willingly picked up from Walking Street, late at night. A short while later, however, he realized that his credit card was missing, but thought nothing of it and decided that he would deal with the problem the following day. Unfortunately for him, he could a nasty shock the following day when he realized that over 55,000 baht had been spent using his missing card. The only conclusion was that the ladyboy had stolen it and so he went straight to the police to file a report. After filing the report and giving police a very accurate description of the suspect, it didn’t take police long at all to track down and make the arrest of the culprit.
The suspect, Sutthipong Lamsoong, 33, told police that Raffael Denungs, 29, had taken him to his room, but after their romp, he felt the need to steal the Swiss man’s credit card. Mr. Denum showed police a bank statement showing a total of 55,828 baht in goods had been run up on his card.
This was not the first time Sutthipong had stolen from a tourist. As well as admitting this particular incident, he also asked police to add the charge to a previous incident involving an Irish man. Police charged the suspect for both incidents for theft.
Amazingly, the Swiss tourist was happy to smile for the cameras with police and local chief Apichai Krobpetch, after all was said and done.
Commentary: Once the ladyboy admitted to stealing the Swiss tourists credit card the ladyboy said what the hell, go ahead and charge me with stealing from an Irish tourist too! WTF??? An honest ladyboy freelancer! Well, partially honest anyway. Lol….. As for the Swiss tourist, he got the satisfaction of having the thieving ladyboy quickly caught by the police and the bonus of having his picture taken with the police chief and published in Pattaya One. He also learned a valuable lesson that some short times are more expensive than others. I bet his mom and dad are going to be so proud! Or possibly cut him out of any future inheritance for being so stupid. Lol…

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Chinese tourist injured after fall from parasail ride on Patong Beach

The Phuket Gazette reports that late morning today (September 19), a 62 year old Chinese tourist fell from a parasailing ride on Patong Beach’s sandy ground. He injured his left hip. A team of Patong Lifeguards applied first aid before rushing him to Patong Hospital. After the X-ray, doctors revealed that he only ended up with a bruise from the fall. The parasailing operator took full responsibility for the hospital bill.
“We got a report from the operator that a tourist fell from the parasail ride before landing because saying it was windy and the parachute got hitched with pine tree’s branches about 4-5 metres high, making the parasail and the ‘pilot’ lose control and stability. The parachute collapsed on itself resulting in the man falling on the ground,” said one of the Patong lifeguards.
Commentary: When you hear that tourists in Thailand are dropping like flies they mean it literally! Lol..

Pattaya Expat Worries, according to unofficial survey

Pattaya One News: A recent survey carried out by the Pattaya today newspaper has looked into the current worries of the regular Pattaya Expat. The key matters concerning long-term farang in Pattaya are visa prospects and their own health care.  That is according to a local survey carried out by Pattaya Today with 100 expats, mostly retired British but also involving mainland Europeans, Americans and Australians.  Almost all those contacted said their biggest concern at present was the ambiguity which they sensed about future visa policy in Thailand.  At present most long-stay farang have a one year extension of stay based on retirement.  A new 10-year visa for those over 50 years and their families has been introduced by the government, but the rules are complex – requiring police clearance from the home base and many financial documents –  and can only be obtained in the country of origin and not in Thailand.
In spite of rumours to the contrary earlier this year, the current retirement visa has been left untouched by the immigration authorities.  It requires annual foreign income or cash in Thailand, or a combination of both, of at least 800,000 baht.  Yet many expats are concerned lest the rules are changed, for example a doubling of the cash or income requirement or a supplementary rule demanding comprehensive medical insurance.
  However, a senior immigration source told Pattaya Today there are no plans to raise the financial floor limits, although he did say he had some reservations about the so-called “embassy letter” appearing to confirm an applicant’s yearly income from abroad since the procedure involved only an affidavit with little or no paperwork such as checked bank statements.  He also pointed out that it was open to retirees to apply in Thailand for the mini-Elite card which offered a five year, multiple-entry visa for a one-off payment of 500,000 baht.
 Another source of concern to the majority of expats was their own health care.  Many are now in their 60s and 70s, although most seem to have a strategy of sorts to deal with the problem.  A surprising number, about 50 percent, still managed to maintain some sort of cover which was a protection against bills for substantial in-patient care in private hospitals.  Others had a reserve cash fund which they said would come into play if an operation was required.  The remainder thought they would probably return home in an emergency, provided they were fit to travel, or would rely on relatives back in the first country.  Several maintained that they would likely seek medical treatment in a third country, such as India, where medical costs were thought to be much lower.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Old Aussie couple ignore red flag at Phuket's Kamala beach - wife drowns…

ThaiVisa News reports that an Australian woman drowned in Phuket after an aging couple ignored no swimming flags and went for a dip on Sunday afternoon at Kamala Beach. Lifeguards said a large wave carried off both Ivan Fichtrovic, 75, and his wife Barbara, 65. The lifeguards managed to save the husband but it took longer to locate the wife and bring her to shore. Despite CPR performed by Kamala Rescue and tourists helping out she was already dead when an ambulance arrived to take her to Patong hospital. The incident happened opposite the Kamala police station and lifeguards told police that the tourists had entered the water despite there being red flags forbidding swimming due to the stormy weather and high waves. They said a large wave carried the couple out and only the husband could be saved, reported Daily News.

Commentary: There’s a reason lifeguards put out those red no swimming warning flags people! In other words, you swim and you die! What’s so hard to understand?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tourists Increasing in Pattaya According to Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has an announcement, that in the first half of 2017 roughly 8 million tourists flocked to Pattaya already. The number of tourists coming to Pattaya had risen by 5% compared to the same period in 2016. Tourist spending for the first half of this year was up by 15% totaling 110 billion baht spent in Pattaya. In 2016 a total of 13.7 million tourists visited Pattaya, spending 200 billion baht on activities and accommodation. Foreign tourists made up 65% of all visitors with Chinese tourists dominating that percentage with 2.54 million visiting the resort city, followed by 800,000 Russian and 600,000 Korean tourists. The number of tourists heading to Pattaya is only expected to increase as transport links to the city continue to be improved by the government. – Love Pattaya

Bar Tip of the Day…

Bar girls are a lot like alcoholic beverages. You’ve got your cheap beer, hardcore whisky and the occasional fine wine. Which one you choose depends on how much cash that you’re willing to spend to satisfy your tastes tonight!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Five drunk tourists, of which at least four were British have been charged and fined by Phuket police.

Love Pattaya Thailand News: Five drunk tourists, of which at least four were British have been charged and fined by Phuket police. Why because 4 tried to intervene in an argument between a drunk Brit and a Bargirl and then they all ended up in a street fight! After they were caught brawling in the early on Tuesday morning on Patong’s Bangla Road. Patong police were called to intervene at around 7am and quickly arrived at the island’s busiest party street. Patong Police chief Col Tassanai Orarigadech told the media that a British national named as Joshua Luca James Lomas-Mears, 24, was arguing with a woman in the street where four tourists passing by tried to intervene. The four tourists attempted to intervene in the argument between Joshua and the unidentified woman and somehow they all ended up fighting in the street. Col Tassanai went on to say that two motorcycles and a car were also damage in the incident. He said all five admitted to being drunk and unable to control their actions.
Each was fined 3,000 baht and made to pay for the damages they caused to the vehicles.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Drunk Russian Arrested in Pattaya After Violent Attacks...

Pattaya One News reports that Pattaya police made the arrest of the Russian man who appeared drunk after he and his companions hit and injured a Thai man and a Hong Kong tourist on a Pattaya street late Wednesday night. Witnesses told police several Russians were walking on the street at 10pm and quarreling with passers-by. When police were alerted and arrived at the scene, most of the group managed to escape and only one man was arrested. The injured Hong Kong tourist was identified as Wong Yuk Mo, 65. He suffered head injuries and was rushed to a hospital.

Commentary: Another quality Pattaya tourist… Lol..

My Travel Diet to Get into Shape to Party all Night With Bargirls...

When I had 6 months to go before I flew to Angeles City I just couldn’t get up enough motivation to stick to my diet. But now that I only have 6 weeks to go I’m highly motivated. This is how hardcore I’m going with my travel diet right now. For dinner tonight I had one large tomato, topped with some egg whites nuked in the microwave, several slices of cucumber and a sugar free, zero calorie jello cup. And I washed it all down with some sugar free green tea…

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Naked German caught masturbating while riding a unicycle in Pattaya..

Pattaya One News reports that a 56 year old German tourist wearing only shoes and a helmet and identified by police as “Mr. A” was arrested late last night for nude cycling while masturbating in front of tourists. Police told reporters that they will not be releasing the man’s name in order to protect his dignity. Hmmmm…. It was later found out that the man was unable to provide any ID documents to police and would not give them his real name.
Apparently, the lewd display by the 56-year-old man happened on several streets in downtown Pattaya before he finally stopped with the intention of completing his act of self-love on Khao Phra Tamnak Road, reported The Nation.
People nearby that saw the strange act called police who quickly found the man in Bang Lamung district at 10:30pm and detained him at Pattaya Police Station. He is still in custody since he was unable to show any ID when arrested. Police are currently trying to identify and charge him.

Commentary: Just when you think that could never hear a weirder story with a tourist in Pattaya, along comes a guy riding a unicycle while jerking off as he rides around Pattaya in the middle of the night! On the bright side, at least he was practicing safe unicycle riding by wearing a silver helmet on his head. There’s no word on whether he was using lubricated condoms..

Monday, September 11, 2017

Investigation starts after Russian woman dies from “falling” in Pattaya

Pattaya One News reports that Pattaya police have launched an investigation into the death of a 28 year old Russian women after apparently falling from a 6th floor hotel balcony on Soi Buakhao. The incident happened on Monday September 11th, with police and emergency services being alerted of the news by shocked witnesses and locals. Upon inspection of the room, police found no signs of a struggle and nothing that seemed out of place or unusual. They did, however, find one of her slippers on the balcony.
Police questioned her roommate but could not get any information about why she fell, not because of not co-operating but mainly down the language barrier. Pol Col Apichai said it was not clear if the Russian slipped from the balcony or committed suicide, but will be looking into the case in more detail over the next few days to determine the answer to the question.
It is amazing just how many “balcony falls” occur in Pattaya and why there seems to be more reports of incidents like these here, as opposed to anywhere else.

Her body was sent for post-mortem examination at the Institute of Forensic Science of the Police General Hospital and the Russian embassy was told. The woman’s relatives were being informed.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

12 Ugandan Freelancers Rounded Up on Walking Street..

Pattaya One News reports that 12 more suspected prostitutes from Uganda have been rounded by Pattaya police on Friday September 8th at around 3am. All of the suspects were found roaming around the Walking street area in South Pattaya and were all taken down to Pattaya police station to be charged with prostitution. As we all know, prostitution is highly illegal in Thailand and does not exist, which is why the police in Pattaya hold regular crackdowns, especially in the Walking street area as there have been several reports that prostitution still goes on in the area.
A large team of twenty police officers got together and set out their plan for the evening. The crackdown started at approximately 3am and within moments they had already found several Ugandan women touching up foreign clients, offering sexual services in exchange for money.
Pol Lt Col Korn Somkhaney said Pattaya police station, where he is deputy chief, would be running regular patrols to arrest prostitutes and are working to rid Pattaya of all prostitutes, especially the foreign ones, as it looks to clean up the city’s image and continue the transformation into a “family friendly”, world class beach resort.
Commentary:  Damn! Look at the Ugandan freelancer in the white floral dress on the right! Who the fuck is going to pay her even 500 baht for a short time? I'd throw her 500 baht to distract her long enough for me to run before she ate me for dinner! What a cow! So this plan to clean up Pattaya has worked out so well. They've driven out the ladyboys and now the Ugandan hookers have taken their place!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day…

If you’re feeling creative then head down to one of the Thai show bars that encourage audience participation and bring a banana with you. For a 200 baht tip to the showgirl on stage you just might get to convince her to use that banana in a more creative way than having it for breakfast with your cereal!