Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Excerpt from Angeles City After Hours: Chapter 4: Super cute 19 year old bar girl…

After I left Club Atlantis I spent my time bar hopping in several small bars and as I did I kept running into these small groups of cute girls wearing massage uniforms on Walking Street and Fields Avenue. They would hand me a business card with the shop name and their name written on the back. You could call 24 hours a day to have massage girl sent to your room. Now what I discovered later was that you could break these freelance massage girls into 3 separate teams.

The first team would be wearing massage uniforms and would have a small backpack with a towel and massage supplies. They would also be wearing id cards around their necks. Very professional all in all. These girls were legit and would only give you a massage and some hand service. Nothing more. By the way the in-room massage fee? 400 pesos! About $8.40 U.S.! Within minutes I had a handful of massage shop cards from different girls.

Now the second team of girls would be wearing massage uniforms and have id cards but would not have a bag or towel. These girls offered full service yet the one time I tried to take a girl back to the hotel they wouldn’t let her in as they had a policy that the massage girl had to bring her own towel. Guess the hotel had been burned a couple of times with some of these girls.

The third team of massage girls would not be wearing massage uniforms and did not have id cards either. That’s a big red flag! There is no way you want to take a cute freelance massage girl in Angeles City off the street with no id card back to your hotel. You could end up being scammed and having to pay a nice big fine to get out of trouble if a cop came knocking on your door asking where the girls id card is and there have been plenty of horror stories about this particular scam. It’s not worth taking the risk.

Next I popped in and out of Skytrax and High Society discos but it was too early and they were empty. I ended back up at Club Atlantis for their midnight show and what the waitress had told me about the best girls being bar fined by 10:30pm was true. Over half the girls in the club were already gone by midnight and that half was the best looking of all the girls!

After the shows I went back out to Walking Street and took a look in Red bar. I saw a cute girl on stage with a friendly smile that drew my attention. A waitress saw me admiring the dancer and asked if I wanted to take the dancer and the waitress together. Tempting but I told the waitress that I only had enough cash to take the dancer back to my hotel.

I bought the dancer a drink and found out that she was 19 years old and had only been dancing 2 months. She had a nice firm body and hadn’t had a baby. She had a great smile and sense of humor too which I love. She initially wanted a tip of 3,000 pesos but settled on 2,400. That was good enough for me so she went to change her clothes. When she returned she looked great wearing a short tight dress. I told her that I’d take her to High Society where we could dance first before going back to the hotel. After spending an hour in the disco, I decided it was a good time to head back to my hotel as it was only 1:00am and my energy levels were still high enough. This girl turned out to be a great choice in both her personality and performance. I even gave her a red lace t-back thong to wear and told her it was hers. She loved it. After we were finished our more intimate entertainment I gave her the option of going home or staying the night and she chose to spend the night.
In the morning, I woke her up to go for a second round. She asked me: “Why are you so horny?” Lol…..  (She didn’t really need to know about the Viagra I had taken did she?)

It was 10:00am when I finally walked her out of my room in the Pacific Breeze Hotel. Not bad at all to spend all night with a cute and sexy 19-year-old Filipino bar girl for a 2,400 pesos ($50 US dollars) tip. Certainly, a better deal than I could have gotten with a dancer in Bangkok or Pattaya.

That’s Angeles City After Hours… Available as an ebook on Amazon.

Iron Club - Walking Street - Pattaya

Video of Soi Cowboy GoGo Girls - Bangkok..

Foreign tourists arrested after naked romp on Pattaya beach

Thai Visa News reports that Police were called to the area of the beach opposite the Central Festival shopping mall on Pattaya Beach Road after reports that two foreigners were seen naked in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police said the naked couple appeared to be drunk. There was no information on regarding the nationalities or identities of the couple in the report by TNews. Police arrested the couple and took them to Pattaya city police station where they were charged with indecency and a public order offence. The location where the couple were found isn’t far from the section of beach that only a week ago was described as an “environmental disaster zone” after it was revealed that wastewater was being pumped into the sea.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day..

Sometimes you’ve got to think and act quickly to move past those obstacles standing between you and that sexy Thai dancer up on stage.  Why? Because the server girls are bunched up in a group right in front of you and other guys are sitting on the bar stools to the left and the right. It’s time to be bold and head straight up the middle waving a 100 Baht tip in your hand as you head for the dancers. That should be enough to get you to your goal of meeting the girl that you like most up on stage. But do try not to bowl over a couple of server girls in the process!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Thailand Wants More Tourists Who Act Like Australians

Bloomberg News reports that Thailand is now so popular for holidays that almost 35 million foreign tourists -- equivalent to half the country’s population -- are expected this year.

- Nation shuns target for visitor numbers after years-long surge
- Focus instead is on boosting daily spending and length of stay

As the influx gets harder to manage, the government is shifting strategy. It’s now targeting a minimum increase in tourism revenue of about 5 percent annually instead of a particular number of visitors, Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said. That means encouraging longer stays and higher daily spending, a mix the typical Australian holidaymaker exemplifies, she said.

“Maybe they’re the ones who are like: this is my time -- I eat, I shop, and I eat, and I shop," Kobkarn, 56, said in an interview. Australian visitors were among the top 10 biggest spenders in terms of per capita daily expenditure last year, forking out 5,831 baht ($172), Tourism Ministry data shows.

American found hanged in what Pattaya police say is suicide

Pattaya One News reports that at around 8:30pm on July 17th, Pattaya police and emergency services received reports of a dead body found hanged at his condo in Pattaya. The incident took place at Yunica Pattaya Condominium. Police were quick to arrive and found the body of an American, aged 54, still hanging from a piece of rope tied over the wardrobe. The police and medical team realized he hadn’t been dead too long and quickly cut the victim down and initiated emergency CPR treatment. A few gasps of air were heard, but sadly it was too late and the man was pronounced dead at the scene.
Police received the initial call from the victim’s girlfriend, who had returned home from work to find the body of her boyfriend hanging.
She went on to tell police that he had been having problems with his business back at home, and was a little short of money, but not once did it cross her mind that things were so serious that it would drive the victim to commit suicide.
No other injuries were found on the body, and the victim was taken away to a local hospital for a full postmortem. His family and friends have been notified of the tragic news.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Some tourist visa holders being asked to show 20,000 baht in CASH when entering Thailand at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport… 20,000 baht Cash, not credit and bank statements won’t cut it either!

Pattaya One Newsreports that if you are entering Thailand on a tourist visa, you may be required to show immigration officials 20,000 baht in CASH. Thaivisa has learnt that immigration officials at a number border checkpoints across Thailand are asking some people entering the country on a tourist visa to show 20,000 baht in cash. Thaivisa understands the increased scrutiny being placed on tourist visa holders is to crackdown on foreigners who officials suspect are not genuine tourists and who may be working in Thailand illegally.
People trying to enter with history of tourist visa entries appear to be the ones under the most amount of scrutiny. ED visa holders also are also the subject of similar scrutiny.
Since Thaivisa became aware of the increase in checks on tourist visa holders, reports have surfaced on social media of foreigners being refused entry for not having 20,000 baht in cash when entering Thailand.
One person even claimed that they could show proof of hotel bookings, details of an onward flight and bank statements showing funds, but was still refused entry.
Thaivisa has also received a report that immigration officials at Padang Besar on Friday were pulling tourist visa holders to one side and asking them to show 20,000 baht in cash. Those who could not show the cash were taken for questioning by officials.
Last week, a Thaivisa member was held in an immigration detention centre having been refused entry on the grounds that he could be working illegally.
During the same time, another Thaivisa member in possession of an ED visa was also being held at Suvarnabhumi after he was asked to show 20,000 baht in cash.
He was only able to show 8,000 baht in cash. The member said he previously had four tourist visas and a 30 day stamp on arrival.
A British national in Hua Hin who has three previous tourist visa entries in his passport told Thaivisa on Monday that he was also asked to show 20,000 baht in cash when trying to enter the country at Don Mueang airport last Wednesday [12 July] and was questioned about whether he works in Thailand and how he can financially support his stay in the country.
Thaivisa has spoken to an immigration officer at a local immigration office who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity as they said they are not authorised to speak publicly on immigration matters. The officer could only confirm that people entering Thailand on tourist visas should be able to show they can support their stay in the kingdom.
If the immigration officer suspects that the individual may not be a genuine tourist or may be working in Thailand illegally or has some other doubts regarding their motives for entering Thailand it is normal procedure to ask for more information from the individual.
Thaivisa has been unable to confirm if the 20,000 baht in cash is a requirement nationwide or if only at the border checkpoints mentioned above.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day..

Some days it can be difficult to keep track of all the things and girls that you need to see today. For example: An afternoon massage at 2pm, beer bar at 5pm, gogo bar by 7:30pm, bar fine by 8:30pm, back to the gogo bars by 10pm, bar fine by 11:30pm, back to the gogo bars at 2am, discos by 3am, freelancer at 5am, breakfast by 9:30am. This is when you need to use that daily events section on your phone to keep yourself organized and on time! They do call it a “smart phone” after all! Use it to maximize your entertainment time!

What's Up - Imagine Club - Soi 15 - Walking Street - Pattaya

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