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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bangkok After Hours II - Solotravel Trip Report - Read it today!

Bangkok After Hours II 
Solo trip report of hot Bangkok nights, hot bars and hot bar girls!

French tourist arrested in Bangkok over posting nude photos of ex-Thai girlfriend

Nation Multimedia News reports that a French tourist was arrested in Bangkok on Friday for having allegedly posted nude photos of his Thai girlfriend after he hacked her Facebook wall. Apparently he took the photos’ secretly when he visited her back in May but she broke up with him and he wanted revenge. (Asshole). He had cut and run in May but the fool came back last week and Chiang Mai police found out when he was arriving and they had a welcoming party waiting for him at Bangkok’s airport. Welcome to the land of smiles! Now put on these handcuffs!

Police said Vincent Anthony Jean Marie LeGrand, 34, was arrested at 6.25 am on Thursday upon arrival at the Suvarnabhumi Airport on Flight QR826 of Qatar Airways. (Ouch). Immigration police at the Suvarnabhumi Airport arrested the Frenchman at the request of Chiang Mai police. LeGrand was transferred to the Mueang Chiang Mai police station late on Thursday night. He was accused of violating the Computer Crime Act by uploading pornographic data and making it accessible to the public. Anon said the Frenchman visited Chiang Mai in May. He met a Thai woman and lived with her in an apartment in the Mueang district. He became angry when the woman ended the relationship, and sought revenge by hacking her Facebook account and posting nude photos he had secretly taken of her. He is also alleged to have doctored some photos before posting them on the ex-girlfriend’s wall, said Anon. LeGrand fled Thailand, but the Chiang Mai police learned that he would visit Bangkok on Thursday, police said.

Commentary: Now that's just stupid. There are ten's of thousands of other Thai girls to chase after. There's no need to be an asshole about the Thai girl that broke up with you and kicked you out of her house that you were living in most likely sponging off her being a cheap Charlie.... Now you know buddy. Pay now or pay later. You chose to pay later and now it's going to cost you a whole lot more baht and probably earn you a 5 year travel ban on top of it. Good work! Enjoy your stay!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day..

It’s really nothing to worry about if that bar girl in your hotel bed doesn’t share your same level of enthusiasm for banging her long time. Why? Because it’s your party and you paid for the party favors! My advice? Turn up the music loud enough to drown out her complaining, dig your feet in for better traction and ride on!

Crocodile Forces Tourists to Stampede... Turns out to be Monitor Lizard..

Pattaya One News reports that there was a tourist stampede on Pattaya Beach to flee what they thought was a crocodile swimming in the surf.. Turns out it was a monitor lizard which was soon captured.

Commentary: Go back to your beach blankets kiddies...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Phuket lifeguard chief blasts tour operators, hotels over tourist drownings

Phuket News: The President of the Phuket Lifeguard Club has blasted tour operators and hotels for not doing enough to warn tourists of the dangers of Phuket’s lethal surf at this time of year. The call by PLC President Prathaiyut Chueayuan for greater action to save lives follows a horror week in which five people, including three tourists, died after succumbing to the powerful waves, and one Russian tourist was rescued from the Phuket surf in just six days. “Most of the victims are tourists who ignored the red ‘no swimming’ flags and warning signs and lifeguards verbal warnings,” Mr Prathaiyut told The Phuket News. “But did they really know how dangerous the Andaman Sea is during the southwestern monsoon? Tour guides and hotel and resort staff should warn their customers and guests about how dangerous the sea is at this time of year.”

Mr Prathaiyut said that he understood that many tourists paid a lot of money to come to Phuket and wanted to enjoy the beach during their holiday here.

“Some days the weather is still good enough to be on the beach, and when they see the beautiful beach and alluring color of the sea, it is hard for them to resist going into the water.

“But they might not be aware of the danger of the sea in the monsoon season and simply ignore the warnings,” he said.

Mr Prathaiyut urged all beach-goers, tourists and locals alike, to heed warnings by lifeguards. “And especially so after lifeguards have ended their beach patrols, which are from 8:30am till 6:30pm,” he said.

He also called on local officials to do more to warn swimmers.
“If tourists realized how dangerous it is, they would be more careful with their own lives. It is a very sensitive issue as we have no legal right to prevent anyone from going into the sea,” Mr Prathaiyut added.

Phuket News

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thai 7-Eleven cuties go viral on Facebook

Pattaya One News reports that a Facebook page that has been for cute 7-Eleven girls to post pics has gone viral across Thailand, attracting 100,000’s of views and comments. An article titled “30 branches: Ranking the most beautiful 7-Eleven employees of 2017.” The piece basically compiled a bunch of viral snaps of 7-Eleven employees that made their way onto the Facebook page “7-Eleven Cute Girls” over the past year. Yes, there’s really a page called 7-Eleven Cute Girls. Although netizens seem to agree that the girls look pretty cute — and we’re not disagreeing — most people who have left comments are quick to point out they’ll take someone who can ring them up quickly and help them heat up a toastie over a hottie any day.
Commentary: I picked up a cute 7-Eleven cashier one night when I met her in a bar on Sukhumvit in Bangkok. When I got her back to my hotel room later I said baby “I’ve got your Slurpee right here!” She wasn’t nearly as amused as I was… Lol..

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ladyboy caught after stealing from a drunk Russian in Pattaya

Pattaya One News reports that Pattaya police have made the successful arrest of a ladyboy accused of stealing from a Russian tourist whilst he was, worse for ware, shall we say. Police made the arrest of a well-known and by all accounts, popular ladyboy who goes by the name of “Noey of Walking Street” Noey had been accused of stealing from a Russian man, who turned out to be a pretty easy target due to the fact that he had drank himself into oblivion. Noey told police that the reason she felt the need to steal was so that she could pay for sex-operation.
The original incident took place on October 10th in a walking street bar. Noey and a friend had spotted their target, the Russian, drinking at a small beer bar. They could see that the victim had  condumed far to much to drink and so, very kindly, offered to walk him back to his hotel room. The victim, not knowing what day it was, never mind where he was or who he had agreed to accompany him back to his room, left the bar looking pretty happy.
Once in the room, however, Noey admitted to police that he had noticed the room safe was wide open and couldn’t resist grabbing what he could, which included a gold chain worth approximately 4,000 Baht and roughly 120 USD in cash.
Excuses were made and the pair quickly left the room.
It was only the next morning that the Russian man, who has refused to be named, realised that he had been robbed and immediately called police.
It didn’t take police long to make the arrest, however, after they had studied CCTV footage from the surrounding area, which led them straight to Noey.
Sakda confessed that she stole from the tourist because she needed hundred thousands of baht for a sex change operation at Lelux Hospital on the outskirts of Bangkok — the same medical institute that recently went viral for offering a “3D vagina” surgery.

Sakda was charged with nighttime theft, a crime punishable by a jail term of up to five years and a maximum fine of THB10,000.
Commmentary: My advice to drunk tourists on Walking Street? "Just say no to Noey when he offers you blowey"....

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bar Tip of the Day..

Making your way through that after hours disco at 4:30am is a lot like taking a walk in a dark and dangerous jungle. Every few steps there is a hardcore, cold hearted wild beast waiting to sink it’s fangs into you to take a bite out of your wallet. It takes quick reflexes to avoid the dangers and a little luck to find something a bit more soft, warm and friendly that you’ll want to spend some quality time snuggling with back in your hotel room and to take out to a mid-morning breakfast later!

Thai Bargirls Expected to Suffer Sharp Decline in Barfines.....

Thai bargirls are expected to suffer a drastic decline in barfines as depressed barmongering male tourists find themselves flying their flag poles at half mast if at all. Why? The Bangkokpost reports that immigration authorities stopped a truck at the Thai-Myanmar border and seized 112,300 packets of oral kamagra jelly that the driver was attempting to smuggle into Thailand. Since each packet typically has 4 doses that's 449,200 fewer hard penises available for bargirls, freelancers and ladyboys out looking for customers. No doubt more than one bargirl will be forced to sell the family buffalo as a result of the sharp decline in available hard dicks looking for a good time this month.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gun Fired at Patong Night Club in Phuket..

Pattaya One News reports that at 3 am this morning, a shooting took place in a famous nightclub in the middle of Bangla Road, Patong. One Thai man was injured. The incident happened when the nightclub was closing down. 27-year-old Pongwarit Thiptara was walking past a man when the two accidentally collided inside the club and the man, who he has never seen before, shot him right after the incident in his calf and back.
He was rushed to Vachira Hospital. In the confusion following the incident, the shooter fled. Police investigated the scene and found two 9mm bullets dropped on the floor and blood near the table at the right-hand side of the stage.
Patong police are checking CCTV camera footage to identify the shooter and which way he escaped from the club.According to a friend of the person injured, the shooter was sitting next to their table in the nightclub.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Sexbots Predicted to Replace Pattaya Bargirls Within 50 Years…

The New York Post reports that research of young men shows times are a changing and that the future is bleak for today’s 18 year old guys. YouGov, an Internet-based market research firm, found that 49 percent of American adults believe that having sex with robots will become common practice within the next 50 years. The study, which surveyed 1,146 adults ages 18 and up, found that one in four men, or 24 percent, were open to the idea of sex with robots. However, only 9 percent of women polled would consider having sex with a robot. (What do these ladies think a vibrator is?) The appearance of the robot was an important factor for both men and women as 52 percent of those contemplating robot lovemaking agree that it is essential for the bot to resemble a human. One in three people surveyed believe doing the deed with a robot is more aligned with masturbation than intercourse. Poll participants were also divided when it came to exclusively. When asked whether or not laying with a bot while in an exclusive relationship could be perceived as cheating, 32 percent said it would be unfaithful, and 33 percent said it would not. Nevertheless, it’s clear that sex robots are here to stay, and becoming more of a reality every day.

Commentary: The plus side for bars is that they won’t have to pay a coyote salary or hire agency girls. You won’t have girls looking at their phones or stage or off either. Overall, bar profits might dramatically increase with the use of robotic bargirls and since bar owners are all about profit you can bet your last baht that robotic bargirls will have a home on Walking Street within 50 years! But until then party on the old fashioned way so that you have some great stories to tell those young kids settling for robots 20 years from now! Lol…

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bangkok 7-Eleven Draft Beer Machines Legal Now..

Pattaya One News reports that the new Leo beer dispensing machines that have appeared in Bangkok 7-eleven stores have been cleared officially legal by the authorities, after a white cloth was placed over the machine hiding the Leo branding. And at just 49 Baht for a cup of the draft brew, it’s a tasty bargain.
While most commenters obviously dig the awesome machine, the Office of Alcohol Committee traveled to the convenience store yesterday after receiving “complaints” from people that questioned whether or not it was legal, Manager reported.
When they arrived, it was found that 7-Eleven had the beer machine covered with a big white cloth that hid beer logo, meaning they are not in breach on Thailand’s Alcohol Control Act, which prohibits “advertising or displaying names or trademarks of alcoholic beverage deemed to induce people to drink it.”
So thanks to that big white cloth, we can still have the Leo machine at 7-Eleven.
For those still wondering if the machine might be violating the Alcohol Control Act, which bans selling beer through a “vending machine,” the answer is no — thanks to a loophole.
According to Atsadang Ruaiarjin, a public health spokesman, the machine is in the clear because a) it is operated by a store employee, and b) customers still have to pay at the cashier (where employees can check IDs).

Walking Street - Pattaya Video - September 2017...