Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
One Man's Wild Erotic Adventures in the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, Pattaya & Asia After Hours.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Phillies Sports Bar - Angeles City, Philippines...

Phillies Sports Bar on the corner of Fields Ave and Raymond Street in Angeles City. Late night you will find anywhere from 6 to 10 ladyboy freelancers trying to snag a customer sitting at the bars windows. I gave all the ladyboys working this stretch of sidewalk rings one night. One of the ladyboys attempted to pat down my pockets in search of my wallet as their way of saying thanks but the other ladyboys were all very much appreciative. You also need to watch your wallet here as begging kids hang out here too.

Angeles City Bar Review: Voodoo Bar 24/7 – Nov. 2017

Even if your stay in Angeles City is a short one at some point you’ll probably be curious enough to walk into Voodoo Bar which is open 24/7 and is conveniently attached to the Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant. Since I had a deluxe room complete with stripper pole in Kokomos during my stay the first week of November I would often cut through the back door of Voodoo which opens up into the back of Kokomos for a quick look at the dancers. Voodoo is a relatively small bar and at any time of the day or night features anywhere from 3 to 6 dancers on stage. Now let me warn you that these are not the cream of the crop cuties on stage and at least a couple of the girls are rougher than high grit sandpaper and looking at one or two might even make you barf up your lunch after eating in Kokomos. I’m not trying to be cruel here guys I’m just telling you like it is. But I will say that on at least 3 occasions I did see girls in Voodoo cute enough that I would barfine.

The 1st time I stopped to chat with a dancer and she had a pleasant enough personality that I thought I’d stop by and see her again but that was the first and last time I saw her on stage.

The 2nd girl I saw looked fairly nice and with a flat tummy so I stopped for a drink and tried to chat to her but she was unhappy and no smiles. After some encouragement I eventually got a smile from her but it was more like a “I hate being here, I hate this job, I hate talking to you, I don’t want to talk with you, I don’t want to drink with you and no I don’t want you to barfine me” kind of smile. Needless to say, I quickly paid for my drink and left.

The 3rd time I saw a girl in Voodoo that I liked it was the door girl. She had a tight black dress on that was low cut and revealing some cleavage of her surprisingly nicely shaped breasts. She also had a beautiful face and plenty of tattoo’s on her arms and legs. Overall, she had a “I’m bad girl” kind of look and one that said “when I’m bad I’ll really rock your world”. I was intrigued by this girl and definitely would have barfined her but I never saw her working the door again on subsequent nights or working inside the bar. WTF? Where did she go?

My biggest complaint about Voodoo is that there didn’t seem to be a set schedule for either the door girls or dancers and that every single day and night I saw different girls in the same shifts which made trying to find a girl that I actually liked from a day or two earlier impossible. What’s up with that???

The good news about Voodoo is it’s open 24/7 but the bad news is the quality of the girls is as rough as a country dirt road. You might find a few smooth patches but it’s hit or miss. Overall Voodoo Bar is probably best for hardcore alcoholic mother fuckers that get so wasted that even the fattest, flabbiest cow on the Voodoo stage looks like a Victoria’s Secret model to them.  Again, I’m just telling you like it is. So, for those guys that like to get totally pasted you’ll be in hog heaven in Voodoo so go ahead and barfine one of the girls for the barmonger team. That way the rest of us guys that don’t drink ourselves into oblivion every night and have more discerning tastes for the quality of the girls that we want to be with don’t have to go there. Just saying….

That’s Voodoo Bar 24/7 in Angeles City After Hours...


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Club Asia – Nov. 2017

I first discovered the joys of Club Asia during the tail end of my trip to Angeles City in January 2016 and quickly found out that although they featured a smaller number of girls than Club Atlantis, Crystal Club or Dollhouse the girls they did feature were younger, prettier, had flatter tummys and often were brand new to dancing as in within days. Always a good combination in my book! Although the bar itself is quite large the stage is long and narrow and typically features only about 10 girls at a time dancing. That’s not bad as you can quickly get a good look and chat it up with several girls while sitting at a bar stool by the stage.

But back to the present. I was looking forward to once again hitting up Club Asia during my most recent trip to Angeles City the first week in November. I finally found some extra time towards the end of my stay and headed down to Club Asia at 7pm sharp. I knew from past experience that this was an ideal time as usually there were few if any customers in Club Asia at this time of night. I don’t know why but for a bar right on Walking Street it just never seems to pull in a crowd early or later. Perhaps a cool neon sign outside would help attract guys into the bar. I don’t know. But the best way to describe Club Asia is that it’s like a Jollibee’s. The customers that go there seem to know what they want before stepping inside and go in to make a quick and tasty selection for takeout. You don’t necessarily want to hang out there for an hour or two.

On this particular night I found myself being the only customer in the bar that early so I grabbed a bar stool right by the stage. I ordered a bottled of water and then chatted it up with a couple of nearby dancers. There were several young spinners on stage with flat tummys which is what I like. I waved one dancer over for a drink and got to talking with her more. She had only been working in the bar 2 nights! Got to love that! One of the waitresses came up to me and started chatting too. It seemed that she actually remembered me from my previous trip back in January 2016!  Of course, that flashing LED pendant that I wear around my neck when I go bar hopping does make me memorable I guess. We chatted briefly and then I ordered the dancer a drink. 

Anyway, by the time the waitress brought the dancer over her drink I had told her that I was barfining the dancer and the dancer quickly left to change her clothes. All in all, I was probably in the bar less than 10 to 15 minutes before I walked out of the door of Club Asia with my prize and up to my room in Kokomos. I made it a rather quick short time of about an hour and then walked the dancer back to Club Asia where I was in luck as the 2nd spinner that I liked was still there so I waved her down from the stage and immediately barfined her too. (Thank god for generic Viagra and Red Bull).
I consider Club Asia to be a definitely “must stop in” bar during your nightly barhopping but only if you like young, fresh friendly and attractive girls with flat tummy’s that haven’t had a baby yet. If you don’t like that type of cute girl then by all means don’t go to Club Asia at 7pm. It would be best that you go to a Perimeter Road bar to bar fine one of the water buffalo’s and leave the young, cute spinners to other bar mongers like me. But if you do visit Club Asia be sure to do it early, bring 3,000 pesos for the barfine and be faster than the Korean customers in pulling that pretty, young dancer with a guitar string tight body that sweet sexy dreams are made of off the stage. You’ll be glad that you did! 

Club Asia seems to be either a training ground for shy, brand new dancers before the Dollhouse Group sends them off to one of their busier and bigger bars or the person doing the hiring has much better eyesight and luck in finding the sweetest cherries on the tree before the other bars do. Either way it works for me because Club Asia puts the kind of cute thin spinners on stage that I personally like to barfine.

That’ Club Asia in Angeles City After Hours….


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Club Atlantis – Nov. 2017

Now before I ever started traveling to Angeles City I spent 10 years vacationing once to twice a year in Bangkok and Pattaya. I got very used to partying with slim 18 to 20-year-old Thai girls with drum tight tummy’s that you could bounce coins off of into shot glasses. I know that everyone has different tastes but that’s just the type of girls that I like and in Thai bars there are plenty of girls like this to be found without having to search more than 2 minutes. In Angeles City girls with tight bodies like this are a much rarer breed and you have to start early in the evening as in 6:30pm – 7:00pm and then work it hard in your search for girls like this. That’s just the reality of the Filipino bargirl scene in Angeles and you’re not competing against individual Korean guys that also like this type of girl but rather small groups of Korean guys. If you want the prize you had better damn well be prepared to move your ass and get the girl you want before the Korean customers do!

Despite all of this I had been eagerly awaiting my return to Angeles City the first week in November and stopping in Club Atlantis, the “big dog” of the Walking Street gogo’s featuring some 200 dancers. Club Atlantis without a doubt has been the dominant player among the showbars in Angeles City for years and during my last trip in January 2016 I had barfined several of the dancers and generally had a very good time each night that I visited the bar.

During my recent visit I stopped in Club Atlantis as early as 7pm to see as many of the girls that I could wearing their bikinis on stage as well as the girls on the 2nd floor balcony. Even this early in the evening Club Atlantis would be already packed to the rafters with Korean customers waiting to barfine the cutest girls. One thing about Club Atlantis and that is that they do a really damn good job in regard to maintaining a party atmosphere and the fun factor for both the customers and the girls on stage. Even with a stage full of girls they are often very interactive with the customers as Koreans make it rain 20 peso bills from the 2nd floor balcony or the girls toss long thin balloons into the crowd that the server girls then every so helpfully instruct the customers to attach 20 baht notes or more to the end of the balloons and then toss them back onto stage for the girls to retrieve. Sure, it’s all a game but it’s a game that works over and over again every night. Club Atlantis even has these party popper tubes that guys can shove cash into and then pop the tube towards the stage blowing confetti and cash towards the waiting girls. All in all, it’s a bit like a News Years Eve party every night of the week. I even watched 3 pole dancers that were reasonably entertaining. The pole dancers quite frankly aren’t as hot looking or have as tight a body as their Thai Pole Cat counterparts in Sapphire Club in Pattaya but they’re entertaining to watch all the same.

Now normally in a big gogo bar with 200 dancers you would think that at least 10% of the girls (20 dancers) would be top girls that you would want to add to your personal “to do” list. Right? But I have to tell you guys the sad truth is that in the current line up in Club Atlantis the percentage of my “to do” girls is only 0.5%. That’s right. Just one girl out of 200 dancers! I had spotted a dancer that was slim, very pretty and had the tightest, flattest tummy out of all 200 dancers in Club Atlantis. (I know because I waited to watch both shifts of dancers to make sure). To make sure I visited Club Atlantis on 3 different nights and came to the same conclusion each night. There was just 1 dancer in 200 that met my criteria for barfine material! What the hell???  On one of those nights I eventually waved a waitress over and pointed out the girl on stage that I wanted to bring over for a drink. The waitress used her laser pointer to signal the girl and soon she was sitting beside me. This girl was super pretty and I wasted no time in buying her a drink and engaging in some light conversation. How old are you? 20 years old? Great! How long have you worked in the bar? 2 weeks? Fantastic! Is this your first bar? Yes? Bingo!  I quickly gave her my intention to barfine her. But that’s when she hit me with that dreaded phrase “I’m having my menstruation)”. Damn! Maybe it was true or maybe it was total bullshit and she was just holding out for a Korean customer since it was still early and I had no doubt that this was the type of girl the Koreans would barfine very quickly. 

Since there were no other dancers out of the 200 girls dancing that I had an interest in barfining I waved the waitress over and paid my drink bin. Even though Club Atlantis has plenty of “fun factor” going for it I would have enjoyed sitting there enjoying that fun more if I was with the type of girl that I like to barfine and one that was going to be heading back to my hotel room with me later after watching some shows in Club Atlantis. That’s just how I roll!

Still I consider Club Atlantis a “must stop inside” bar whenever you find yourself in Angeles City. Next week there might be more cute spinners with flat tummy’s to choose from. Or you might like girls with a bit of bounce to their belly and dancers do constantly come and go in a big gogo showbar.

As for whoever is in charge currently of hiring the dancers in Club Atlantis I think that they’re in serious need of an eye exam and a new pair of prescription eye glasses. Just saying…

That’s Club Atlantis in Angeles City After Hours…


Monday, November 13, 2017

Angeles City Bar Review: Crystal Palace – Nov. 2017

During my first trip to Angeles City in January 2016 I spent a lot of time in Crystal Palace for no other reason than it was packed with the kind of pretty girls with flat tummy’s that I like dancing on the stage and sitting in the 2nd floor balcony. As a result, I barfined many of the dancer’s night after night.

Coming back to Angeles City the first week in November this year I was really looking forward to picking up where I left off last time you might say. The first night I stopped in Crystal Palace around 7pm not much was happening. There were almost no customers, girls were on stage but no girls in the balcony. I thought it might just be an off night so I decided not to stay. That Saturday was the Scorebirds Bikini contest in which all of the contestants are from the Dollhouse Group of Bars: Crystal Palace, Club Atlantis, Dollhouse, Club Asia and Pony Tails. The great thing about this contest is that the girls wear small round signs on their legs with the name of the bar that they work in. That makes narrowing down where to look for the hotties later much easier.

There was one tall girl with a slim waist that I liked and I saw that she worked at Crystal Palace. Ok then! I knew where I was going that night! Later in the evening right at 7pm I headed straight to Crystal Palace and showed the waitress a photo of the girl that I was looking for. Unfortunately for me a guy had already beat me to the girl. Damn! I simply told her that I’d be interested in seeing her next time before I went on my way. The next night I stopped by looking for her but she wasn’t there. So far, I wasn’t making much progress. 

Finally, on the 3rd night I saw that she was on stage but I was getting a “I’m bored as fuck and don’t want to be bothered vibe” from her. Never one to give up that easy on the prize I had the waitress wave her down for a drink. Well, she just wasn’t into any conversation at all and turned into a real ice queen.  I quickly became bored with her and had the waitress wave another dancer down from the stage as the spotlight dancer left. Goodbye baby! I was going to barfine the 2nd dancer but then she told me that she was on her period. I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me after buying a girl a drink. It could be true or it could be bullshit and maybe she only wanted to leave with Korean customers although other than myself there were only 3 Korean guys in the whole otherwise empty bar.
At this point I decided to throw in the towel on Crystal Club. There were no customers, only half the girls that I remember from last time with no girls in the balcony over the stage, there was no party vibe or enthusiasm from any of the girls. I did see 2 girls that turned out to be sisters but their bodies weren’t something that made me want to part with any of my pesos.

I will say that the Filipino papasan with blond hair seemed like a friendly enough fellow and wanted me to stay but what was the point? Anyone that has read my reviews or blog posts over the years knows that first and foremost I’m all about being entertained. I can make some allowances on the girls not being the hottest if there is some energy flowing back from the stage. Unfortunately, the energy I was getting from the girls was all negative. Overall, I found it disappointing. But who knows maybe next time I go in things will be different but for now the combination of only half the girls that they used to have and poorer quality at that along with bored girls showing no interest in a customer sitting in an empty bar is just a total turn off for this hardcore partier. Crystal Club is always worth a quick look to see if there is a dancer that hits your hot button but it’s not necessarily worth spending any great amount of your time in. My advice? If you find a dancer in Crystal Palace that you like then barfine her but take her to another club that has some fun factor going for it!

That’s Crystal Palace in Angeles City After Hours…


Angeles City Bar Review: Soya – From Dusk till Dawn – November 2017

Before I start my review of the Korean bar Soya let me give you a little back story. I was in Angeles City the entire first week of November and in the mornings around 10:30am I would make my daily trip to either the Drugstore up on Fields Ave to resupply my generic Viagra (100 pesos per 50 mg tablet) or head up to JJ’s Market for more soda, beers, snacks and tequila. Well every morning I would walk past Soya which featured 6 to 8 door girls dressed in black sitting outside and with music blaring through the curtains. Now not once did any of the door girls make any effort to say hello or to invite me inside so I wrote the place off as a Korean karaoke music bar. But eventually my curiosity got the better of me so one morning while I was walking up to JJ’s market I stopped and asked one of the door girls. “Is this a karaoke bar?” The door girl just said no. Ok, I asked her “What kind of place is it then?” The door girl just said “bar”. Hmmmmmmm… 

My conversation wasn’t revealing much so like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise I decided to go boldly into the unknown. I walked inside past the curtains and on the left side there is a pretty good size stage with about 20 girls in short skirts dancing. But not just any girls! We’re talking the kind I like! Young, slim spinners with guitar string tight bodies! On the right side of the bar were tables that were full of Koreans and it’s only 10:30 in the morning! I thought what the fuck have I stumbled into?? Did I cross over a tear in the space time continuum into an alternate barmonger universe? Had I died from an overdose of Viagra and gone to barmonger heaven? I was all smiles let me tell you! I told the waitress that I had to make a quick trip up to JJ’s market and then drop my supplies off at my hotel room in Kokomos and would return in 30 minutes. I quickly made my way up to JJ’s and then nearly ran back to Kokomos to drop off my supplies and grab a fresh bag of bargirl rings from my stash. Then I quickly made my way back to Soya.

At first, I grabbed a chair on the right side of the bar near where the Koreans were sitting but this was about 3 to 4 meters from the stage. I ordered a bottle of water from the waitress (it was only going on 11am after all) and then I surveyed the scene. The stage was packed with cute spinners with flat tummys as tight as a drum with an average age of 18 to 21 unlike many of the other bars in town with an average age of 25 to 30. As for cherry girls Soya is a freaking cherry tree! I kid you not!

But so far none of the girls on stage were paying me any attention. Hmmmm…. Not good. I had read many stories of barmongers striking out in Korean bars but this was one nut that I was determined to crack. In front of the semi-circular stage there were a dozen or more empty bar stools. For whatever reason the Korean guys prefer sitting back in the dark rather at stage front. I saw this as my opportunity. I grabbed my drink and moved to a bar stool at center stage to get a better look at the girls. Even sitting right at the stage the girls are all still looking off into the distance towards the Koreans. Ok, I decided that in the battle of the barfines it’s time to play barmonger hardball with the Korean guys. I reached in my cargo pants pocket and pulled out that bag of rings and grabbed some and then held out my hand full of rings to the girl dancing right in front of me and motioned to her to give me her hand. She did and I quickly found a ring that fit. The other nearby girls are looking towards me now too so I seized the opportunity to wave them over and gave them all rings as well which of course got the attention of the rest of the girls on stage. One by one I ended up giving rings to all of the girls dancing and by then the waitresses wanted in on the action so I gave them each a ring too. I can only imagine what all those Korean guys behind me were thinking but I’m pretty sure they were shooting sharpened daggers out their eyes towards my back.

By now all the girls were laughing and giggling while they showed each other their new bling! Success was mine! I had cracked that Korean bar nut and victory was within my grasp. I spotted a spinner that I liked and invited her over for a drink. With so many cute young girls on stage something occurred to me that I had to ask. So, I asked the dancer I had bought a drink for: “Do you have a sister that works in a bar too? She nodded her head yes and pointed out her sister up on stage! Oh, damn! Jackpot! I told her to wave her sister over for a drink as well. We got to talking and it didn’t take long before I told the waitress that I wanted to barfine both sisters. The barfine was only 2,200 pesos each so I considered it a bargain. Then I noticed that another girl on stage was really paying a lot of attention towards us so I asked the sisters if that was their friend. What was their reply? “That’s our cousin!” Oh shit! I thought about it for just a minute. “How often does the opportunity come up to barfine 2 sisters and their cousin from the same bar?” Ok, I’m sold. I told the waitress I was barfining the sisters cousin too! A few minutes later we all walked out together. A couple of hours later when I brought the 3 girls back to the bar I sat down ordered another bottle of water and saw the next girl on my list. I waved her over and a few minutes later bafined her too. About 90 minutes later I returned with that girl and then barfined my 5th dancer out of Soya since 11:30am. While I was waiting for the 5th girl to go change the Filipino manager of the bar came over to shake my hand and introduce himself. He goes by “JP”. He was all smiles as JP congratulated me on my choices. As I walked out of the bar with my 5th barfine that day even some of the Korean customers bowed their heads in respect and defeat. Yes, I had entered and smashed my way into the world of the Korean bar scene in Angeles City and I had conquered it. After that day I was at Soya every morning by 11:00 – 11:30am and walking out with a barfine most times 2 girls by 12 noon. Did I mention that I eventually found 5 pairs of sisters working at Soya and that I barfined 4 out of the 5? Perhaps I should keep that part a secret? Quite frankly Soya is so good that I thought about not writing this review and only sharing this knowledge with a select few barmonger friends. But I’m feeling generous. What the hell…

For any guys that like me that have been to Bangkok or Pattaya and love those small, slim girls with drum tight bodies that you can bounce coins off of their tight bellies into a shot glass then the morning shift of Soya is the only Korean bar in Angeles City that you need to know about. Once you visit Soya you will never ever go back to a Perimeter road bar again to barfine a girl unless of course you’re such a cheap ass Charlie that you won’t spend 200 more pesos for a younger and much hotter girl that you can find in Soya or are such a hideous fat ugly toad that you feel more at home with similar looking girls down on Perimeter Road. But for everyone else that likes super cute 18 to 21-year-old dancers with drum tight bodies and thin sexy legs the Korean bar Soya – From Dusk Till Dawn is the only daytime bar you need to know about and visit. By the way Soya features 2 shifts of girls. 10am to 6:00pm and 6pm to 3:00am. Trust me when I tell you that the morning shift is actually more full of hotter, younger and more beautiful girls than the night shift. So, when you get to Angeles or if you’re an expat living there get your barmongering ass up early and be at Soya on Fields Avenue by 10:30 – 11:00am every day.

Soya is easy enough to find as it’s just a 5 minute walk from Kokomos up on the left side of Fields Avenue right before you get to the Drugstore or the crosswalk to take you over to Jollibee’s. he door girls outside will most likely ignore you until you become a regular customer so just do what I did and go boldly into the unknown! You’ll be toasting me with a drink for this advice 5 minutes after you enter the bar.
It’s more than 5 Stars. It’s off the charts, rock your world like a hurricane in terms of the quality of the girls! 

Soya – From Dusk Till Dawn is hands down the best early morning to midafternoon daytime gogo bar in Angeles City After Hours.


Angeles City Bar Review: Club XS - November 2017

Anyone that has followed my trips through Bangkok, Pattaya and the rest of Asia knows that when my feet hit the ground the first thing I do is bar hop like a madman for the first 2 to 3 nights hitting as many bars as I can. Why? Research baby! I want to know which bars have the youngest, prettiest dancers with the best body’s and some flat hard tummy’s that you can bounce coins off of into a shot glass. Next, I want to see which bars have the best party atmospheres. Is the bar lively? Are the door girls, waitresses and mamasan working the crowd to get you in the party mood? Are the girls on stage smiling? Is the lighting decent so that I can see the girls on stage? What about the layout? Am I going to be able to get a good seat to watch the eye candy? Overall, I want bar where the atmosphere makes it your birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve every time you walk into the bar! And finding that takes a lot of bar hopping on my part. But once I’ve narrowed my choices then I will go in and out of just a select few bars every night for the remaining part of my trip. I become a regular customer where virtually “everybody” on the staff knows my name. Well, at least the server girls, mamasan, manager and the hottest dancers. That’s just how I roll so now let’s get on with a bar review of what I consider to be hands down the best showbar there is in Angeles City, Philippines!

Club XS is my #1 Rated 5 Star Showbar *****

What can I say about Club XS except that if I was going to design a perfect gogo bar for Angeles City then Club XS would be what I’d design!  First let’s start with the girls. There are 185 ladies working here guys!!! If you can’t find at least a dozen girls that you want to buy drinks for and barfine in Club XS then pack your suitcase and call your ex-wife and tell her you’re coming home! It’s no exaggeration for me to say that the Club XS girls are the cream of the crop among the models and dancers working in Angeles City. The average age of the dancers that I talked to was between 20 and 24 years old. You’re not going to find any granny dancers in here guys! Club XS is like a beauty magnet that attracts and keeps the most beautiful and friendly girls that you will find anywhere in Angeles City. Why would you go anywhere else?

All of the guys I know say only good things about the manager of Club XS. I got to talking to him in length one night about the bar business and ladies in general and I can tell you that he understands what we want in a showbar guys because he’s one of us! He’s a guy that’s in the top 5% of partiers that has partied hard and like me and some of you other guys I know will spend what it takes to make him happy. Let me also add that all of the dancers I talked to love the bar manager too because he treats his girls like the gold they are. He insures that the girls and staff are always working to provide that fun party atmosphere up until the bar closes at 3am each night. You will never find it boring in Club XS as something is always happening.

My recommendation is do what I did and get to the bar early each night guys as in 6:30 to 7:00pm. The competition to be the guy that buys a drink for and barfines the most beautiful girls you’ll find in Angeles City is fierce so be prepared to up your game, bring a wallet full of 1,000 peso notes and play to win. Because the winner in the battle of the barfines walks out with the most beautiful girls on stage and the losers settle for the waitresses but let me also add that I barfined one of the waitresses not because she was as beautiful as one of the models but simply because she was a fun friendly girl that made sure I had a good time each time I visited Club XS. She had only been working a few weeks and hadn’t gone with any customers yet but after a few days I liked her so much that I decided to be the first to barfine her. After that other waitresses asked me to barfine them too so I guess the word spread that I was open to barfining the service staff too. The waitresses learned that they didn’t need to be as beautiful as the models on stage for me to barfine them. Just be friendly, funny and good to talk to.

Club XS is where it’s happening every night guys in Angeles City. You’ve got the models that they take the time to introduce one by one and where she walks out to the center of stage so that you can get a good look at her and of course you have the spotlight dancers and regular in miniskirts girls as well. But even the “B” team of dancers in Club XS would qualify as the “A” team in the majority of the other bars in Angeles City. But if you don’t believe me spend a bit of time bar hopping around. The “A” team girls in many of the other bars would be the waitresses in Club XS!
I have no doubt that you will decide like I did that the only real bar you need to be in every night from opening to close in Angeles City is Club XS.

That’s Angeles City After Hours…

Angeles City Bar Review: Arcadia Club – November 2017

Arcadia Club is one of the larger bars on Walking Street that’s located on the same side as High Society and not far from it. It’s one of the Korean bars on Walking Street with mostly Korean customers but it’s open and friendly enough for non-Koreans to pop in for a drink and a chat with the dancers. What’s most interesting about Arcadia is that it stays open until 5:00am long after the other bars have closed and even as late as 4:30am you’ll walk in and still find 40 dancers packed on it’s stage!!!! So, if you can’t find a freelancer late night at High Society just head down to Arcadia and see if you can find girl on stage that you like. The barfine is 3,000 peso’s which is the going rate for Walking Street but I have to tell you that in my opinion they would do better to lower the barfine to 2,500 as the quality of the dancers overall is a bit lacking compared to what else you can find on Walking Street.

I dropped by Arcadia Club one night around 3:30am in early November and out of 40 girls on stage I’d only consider 1 in 20 the type that I would personally barfine. That’s just 2 girls out of 40 on stage! Every few songs the girls do a rotation around the stage so that you do get to check all of the girls out more easily. On the night I was there I saw one cute cherry girl of a spinner but it must have been her first night on the stage. She was so shy that she hid her face behind another dancer and wouldn’t look at me as she shuffled around the stage. I saw another cute spinner that I did buy a drink for and that I would have barfined but she said that she was on her period. Hmmmm. Maybe, maybe not. From what I could tell from several visits was that the cutest girls, especially the ones that wore blond wigs had eyes only for the Korean customers and vice versa.
I do admit however that I put almost zero effort into trying to barfine one of the cute girls. Not because I didn’t have enough pesos left but only because on most days I had already been barfining girls as early as 12 noon and by the time 4am rolled around 16 hours later my mind might still be willing but my body was pretty much a lump of worthless clay by that time and you can only take so many Viagra tablets even cutting them into smaller 25mg doses and still live to tell the tale without flatlining of a heart attack by dawn.
Now even though 95% of the girls on stage are no better looking than your average Kokomos waitress the Arcadia girls are a fun, very lively bunch of ladies even at 4:00am and that enthusiasm late night can balance out the fact that they might not be the most beautiful or have the best bodies of the dancers on Walking Street. I can give you a funny example. One night I stopped in Arcadia around 4am and there weren’t too many customers other than a few Korean guys. I go up to the stage and sit at a bar stool and order a drink from the waitress. My drink of choice at 4am? Bottled water of course! As I wait for my drink I reached into my trusty pickpocket proof cargo pants pocket and pulled out a bag full of inexpensive silver plated rings. (Got to love those bulk ebay purchases from China!)
Then I reached in the bag and grabbed a hand full  of rings and held them out to the nearest dancer. Well, I didn’t have to ask twice as she was soon picking a ring. This quickly had a ripple effect among the 40 girls on stage as the rest of the dancers all started poking their heads over the shoulders of other dancers to see what the commotion was. Once word had spread that I was giving the girls FREE rings it became a bargirl blitz feeding frenzy as the dancers jockeyed for position they all started just shoving their hands in my face yelling “Me! Me! Me!” Lol.. All of this activity also got the attention of every server girl in Arcadia as they soon joined in on the action.

This pretty much left the few Korean guys in the bar completely bewildered and ignored to the point that even they got up out of their chairs to walk over to see what the fuck I was doing to create such a scene in the bar at 4am. Fortunately, I had planned ahead and had enough rings for every girl on the stage and the service girls too. As I sat there enjoying my ice-cold bottle of water I couldn’t help but laugh as the girls admired the new bling on their fingers. Yes girls. There is a Santa Claus and his name is Alex and Christmas came early this year!

The very next night I decided to visit Arcadia Club again around the same time of 4am. As soon as I walked through the curtains into the bar the girls on stage saw me and they spontaneously broke out screaming at me loud enough that I’m pretty sure that you could have heard them over the music in High Society up the street. It was if I was Justin Bieber and they were the crazy bargirls fan club! I have to admit their overwhelming fan reaction caught me by surprise and literally stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t help but laugh as I once again made my way up to a bar stool by the stage. It didn’t take long until some dancers were leading other girls my way asking for a ring as they weren’t in the bar the previous night. What did I do? I reached in my pocket and I pulled out another bag of rings to give to the girls that had missed out previously.

Even though Arcadia might not employ the highest ratio of beauties in Angeles City you have to give them bonus points for being able to keep an enthusiastic and fun bunch of 40 girls on a stage until 5am.  Isn’t that all a barmonger can really ask for when bar hopping late night when all of the other bars have already closed???

That’s Arcadia Club in Angeles City After Hours…

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Filipino Bargirls Getting Their Choice of Bling Rings....

Review of Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant in Angeles City..

Kokomos Hotel & Restaurant is located on the corner of Walking Street and Santos Road in Angeles City, Philippines. On the plus side there is a stripper pole with mini stage and flashing disco lights in the deluxe poolside rooms, and there is a small pool which I never used but the big selling point is the Kokomos restaurant which is open 24/7 and the prices are reasonable.

Voodoo a small gogo bar is also part of Kokomos and it's open 24/7 as well. The room itself is pretty dated but at least one of the other rooms 2 doors away was getting completely gutted and updated. Surprisingly girls that I brought back to my room commented about how nice and big the room was all the time.
Kokomos is party central for sure but the lack of sleep damn near killed me as the walls are paper thin and the time of day where there was the least amount of noise was between 4pm and 6pm. On the negative side besides the noise the mini fridge kept freezing drinks solid to the point of bursting, but no hot water in the sink and little hot water in the shower.

As for the girls in Voodoo I was never really tempted to barfine any of the ladies as the quality is a bit rough and the one girl I did try to talk to seemed liked she had zero interest. But I did think about barfining one of the door girls that had a lot of tattoo's one night but never did.

All in all staying in Kokokomos is a similar experience to staying in a Soi 6 guest house in Pattaya during Songkran. It's a non stop party and noisy all day. But the convenience factor of walking less than 60 seconds across the street to the best gogo bars in Angeles City does help to balance it out as there is no lost time taking trikes to get to the fun. Kokomos is ground zero. Whether you'll live through the non-stop entertainment and lack of sleep is an open question. As for me, I just had to roll the dice and stay there at least once just for the experience and I lived to tell the tale. Will you? I say take a chance. Life is short! 

Livin la vida loca!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Total Bargirl Toys Handed out in Angeles City…

As many people know I had bought an extra hard shell suitcase and packed it full of “entertainment supplies” for my recently completed trip to Angeles City. In case you were wondering just how many “bargirl toys” I distributed out of “Amazon Alex’s” suitcase it came out to: 797 bar girl gifts handed out to High Society freelancers, bikini wearing gogo girls, flexible spotlight dancers, models in black gowns, cherry girls, waitresses, door girls, mamasans and every ladyboy working in front of Phillies Sports Bar on Fields Ave.… (I’m equal opportunity after all). Since I was only in Angeles for 9 days that works out to passing out an average of 88 bargirl toys per day which beats my all time personal daily rate in Bangkok and Pattaya of giving out 56 bargirl toys per day. A 58% percent increase over my all time high!!!! Unlike Santa Claus that only cares if a bargirl has been naughty or nice I only care that a bargirl is “nice & naughty”…

Here is the detailed list of items I passed out during 9 days in Angeles City:

565 Gold and silver-plated crystal rings.
1 Medium size Hello Kitty with a 1st Place ribbon attached to the neck. (The prize for a cherry girl giving her first blow job and doing such a great job! That’s worth a 1st place prize isn’t it???
50 String bikinis, thongs and lingerie.
2 Crystal necklaces.
3 Mini stuffed animals.
24 LED flashing jelly rings.
24 LED necklaces.
12 LED flashing bracelets.
100 Mardi gras beaded necklaces.
6 LED magnetic heart necklaces.
3 Red glow sticks.
2 LED heart necklaces.
2 LED light up Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.
2 Mardi Gras masks.
1 Full liter bottle of tequila.

Although my daily average of 88 bargirl toys passed out to the ladies in Angeles City beat my previous daily average record of 56 bargirl toys passed out in Thailand that trip in 2014 lasted for 21 days so the overall total of bargirls handed out during that trip was quite a bit more at 1,192 bargirl toys handed out in Bangkok and Pattaya.
Here is the detailed list of items from my 2014 Thailand trip that I handed out to bargirls for comparison:

469 Gold and silver-plated crystal rings.
428 Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.
96 Flashing LED rings.
48 Flashing LED pendants.
40 Pairs of g-strings.
37 Beaded bracelets.
18 Assorted Hello Kitty toys.
13 Balloons.
11 Water guns.
6 Glow sticks.
5 Hiphop hats.
4 Flashing LED balls.
4 LED light strips.
4 LED magnetic button lights.
3 Hello Kitty watches.
3 Squeeze frog key chains.
3 Glow balls.

That’s how I roll in Angeles City After Hours… Go hard or go home!

2 Filipino Freelancers in Angeles City Wishing me Happy Birthday...

Two High Society disco freelancers I picked up at 3:30am after arriving in Angeles City at 1am. The girls are dancing on the stage in my Kokomos hotel room, singing and wishing me happy birthday. See the Happy Birthday banner taped to the wall behind them? The lingerie the girls are wearing was provided by me from my “entertainment suitcase” and the girls areholding my “Angeles City After Hours” banner that I made up for this trip. 

Should I feel guilty that my birthday is in April and not October??? Hmmmm……

Friday, November 10, 2017

Training the Filipino Cherry Girl’s…

I really loved the cherry girls while I was in Angeles City the first week in November 2017. No, not wanting to screw them because who really wants to shell out 100,000 pesos for a short experience that will be messy, the girl crying saying “you stop now, it hurts” etc….. Who needs that drama? Not me! 

The reason I like cherry girls is that they are like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Let me explain. Barhopping in the gogo bars is like being in the desert. You spend your time getting dried out going from one bar fine to the next. Let’s face it you get tired right? That’s why I love cherry girls. Well, I’m talking about training cherry girls. Why? Because you get to lay back and relax and let them do the work! Many have never even given a blow job right? Well someone has to show them the ropes and the various positions! I figured it might as well be me and that those lessons have to last at least an hour. You do want her to get good at sucking dick don’t you? 

What motivates the cherry girls to be good cock suckers? After a few weeks working in the mid size to larger bars cherry girls quickly realize few guys want to barfine them just to go to a disco. If they’re not going to screw her then a guy at least wants a blow job. So, in order to increase their number of barfines hence their salary cherry girls are soon quickly motivated to want to learn to suck some customers cock. It’s a learning experience after all and I do enjoy teaching the cherry girls the finer points. As for you guys that follow me you can thank me later for that cherry girl’s blow jobs skills. She can suck you on her knee’s, her back, her stomach or upside down and lick your balls down to your ass thanks to my training. 

You really should start a “go-fund-me” page to help reward me so that I can continue my training next year just to help my fellow barmongers get the maximum performance from that Filipino cherry girl barfine. 

When all was said and done while I was in Angeles City I had trained (3) cherry girls and numerous bargirls that would screw but had never given a blow job yet. When I walked one cherry girl back to her bar after an extensive first blow job lesson a half dozen of the waitresses gathered in a group started cheering wildly and applauding her. Apparently word had gotten out that the cherry girl had been barfined for her first blow job lesson.What can I say? I’m a firm believer in continuing education….