Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Russian tourist arrested for stealing iPhone from store in Krabi..

TheThaiger News reports that Police have arrested a 34 year old Russian man, Aleksei Posysaev, today (April 18) after he stole an iPhone X from a clothes shop in Ao Nang, Krabi. Earlier, the clothes shop owner, Netdao Wiwatratsamee, posted the CCTV footage of the robbery on social media and offered a 5,000 Baht reward to whoever leads to the robber and his family recorded in the footage. Her phone was stolen at 10pm on April 15 while the family of 3 pretended to buy things in the shop . Tthe Russian man took an opportunity while she was helping his wife at the shop to steal the phone charging at the counter. Ao Nang Police found that he was staying in a bungalow in Ao Nang before he fled to stay in a resort on Koh Lanta.

Police brought the arrest warrant to the resort and arrested him there where they also found his wife and child. He admitted that he was the person in the arrest warrant but denied the robbery. After police searched the room, they found the iPhone X hidden in the snack pack of his child. They also found the clothes he wore on the night he stole the phone. He has been arrested and taken to Ao Nang Police Station.

Commentary: So much for their family vacation! Idiot!

Monday, April 16, 2018

British Expat that lives in Pattaya arrested for ‘kicking his Thai wife to death when she refused to have sex while visiting relatives in Isan during Songkran…

Pattaya One News reports that a British expat 51, was staying with 29 year old wife, and her parents, but he is said to have launched into a jealous rage after she refused to have sex. Police said he kicked her to death and then covered her body over with a blanket. Shocked neighbor’s saw the body this morning and called authorities. The couple had lived together in Pattaya and have two children together. Like many people during the Songkran holiday, they were visiting her relatives in the northeastern Isan region. Police arrived and found the Thai woman’s body on the ground in front of the family’s single-story home this morning at 6.30am. Officers said they found the British expat standing by the side of the building. He allegedly confessed that he had repeatedly kicked his wife to death but did not mean to kill her. According to police, last night the expat and his wife had beer until late at night but during the drinking and eating suddenly they began arguing because he wanted to have sex. His wife refused and this caused jealousy as he thought his wife was courting other men.

Commentary: A sad story for all especially their 2 kids. Once again it sounds like too much alcohol played a part in another tragedy.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai

The Thaiger News reports that an Australian teacher, reportedly trying to get back together with his Thai girlfriend, has been shot in the stomach in the car park of a Chiang Mai apartment. 47 year old Jean Paul Bull, an English teacher at a well known Chiang Mai university, remains in hospital recovering from his injuries. He had gone to invite his 39 year old girlfriend Suphasri out for Songkran. Chang Pheuak police were called to the car park of the apartment where they found the victim shot and Suphasri waiting with a 9mm gun in her hand. The bullet had exited the body of the victim.

Suphasri said that she had known the Australian for two years but after arguments they had split up. He had assaulted her, she said, and she had reported to police twice in recent months about alleged assaults as he tried to reunite with her against her wishes. This time a serious fight broke out and she pulled out a gun and after firing two warning shots she shot him in the abdomen to defend herself, she told police. She has been detained and police will be interviewing the Australian before deciding how to proceed in the case.

Commentary: That’s one Thai girl that is dead serious when she tell you “no” she doesn’t want to get back together with you….