Bangkok After Hours - eBook

Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Chinese Woman Kidnapped by Gang inside Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport

Pattaya One News reports that a Thai Immigration Police officer was allegedly involved in the abduction of a 39-year-old Chinese woman at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the night of May 6 for a Bt15 million ransom, Tourist Police Bureau deputy chief Pol Maj-General Surachate Hakparn said on Monday. The kidnappers held her in locations in Bangkok and Pattaya before releasing her. The victim, identified as Jincai Chen, was abducted by five people upon her arrival from Hong Kong but was safely released to a roadside spot in Bang Na district 14 days later.

Four Chinese people, a Thai woman named Wansikan Termthanapat and several other people were involved in the crime, including an unnamed Pol Senior Sergeant Major policeman under the Samut Prakan Immigration Police Office, Surachate said. Police are seeking arrest warrants but the four Chinese suspects – Wenqui Sun, Ming Song, Dongliang Sun and Meiling Kai – had already fled Thailand, Surachate added.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Solution to 5,000 Baht Short Times in Pattaya..

I’ve got the perfect solution to those 5,000 baht short times that the hotties in the big gogo bars are asking guys in Pattaya. Each gogo bar just needs to purchase a few of really hot looking full size Asian sex dolls that are sculpted to look like the star of the bar. Then if a barmonger balks at a 1,500 baht barfine, another 1,500 baht in drinks and a 5,000 baht short time with the star of the bar he can be offered the sex doll that looks just like the star of the bar as a more economical alternative.

Let’s say the deposit to take the sex doll to a nearby short time hotel will be 2,000 baht and as long as you bring the doll back within 1 hour you’ll be refunded 1,000 baht. Overall your short time with the sex doll will only cost you 1,000 baht, your couple of drinks in the bar and maybe 300 baht for the short time room. It could be coming in the future....

But everybody wins except for the poor low paid cleaning girl that has to clean out and hose off the sex dolls after each use.…. lol

Thursday, May 17, 2018

My Thai, Filipino and Colombian Girl Tinder Experiment….

 With social media changing the way bargirls find customers and the way westerners find bargirls I decided to do an experiment on Tinder. I paid for the upgrade so that I could set my location to various cities around the world. Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand, Angeles City Philippines and Medellin Colombia. Here are my unscientific results and opinion. To my surprise there are lot’s of Thai girls using Tinder in both Bangkok and Pattaya. In Bangkok there appears to be a larger portion of educated good girls but there also appear to be some good girls in Pattaya as well. In terms of bargirls, there appear to be more than a few Soi 6 bargirls and a few massage girls that have gotten Internet savvy enough to use Tinder to find a steady supply of customers to come to their bars and massage shops. (Smart girls). But overall the vast majority of freelancers using Tinder to meet customers in both Pattaya and Bangkok appear to me to be overwhelmingly ladyboys. On the negative side the amount of English the freelancers know is still limited so your conversations will be pretty basic. But on the plus side they’re direct and to the point. Lol..

In Angeles City I also found lot’s of better educated than most good girls with regular jobs using Tinder to meet guys. Many of the Filipino’s are serious about finding a guy to marry. However once again the overwhelming number of freelancers using Tinder in Angeles appear to be the ladyboys including the ladyboys that hang out in front of Phillies Sports bar on Fields Avenue every night. One of the ladyboys was even texting me while she was outside the bar wanting to know where I was. The plus side is the Filipino girls and ladyboys speak good English so you can get a conversation going.

Setting my location to Medellin I was blown away by the very high quality and very attractive girl’s using Tinder. I must have liked 500 photo’s at least. Judging by how scantily clad many of the Colombian girls were, I have no doubt that there was a good percentage of freelancers among those chicas. The problem with Tinder in Medellin is that the girls don’t speak English. You have to translate your profile into Spanish. I only know a few words of Spanish so if the girls asked anything more than hello and how are you then I had to go use google translate. Then I’d have to translate a message from English into Spanish to send back. All in all, a lot of work on my part. But I will say based on the hotness of the Medellin ladies that it may be worth the effort if you’re planning to head to Medellin to party.

Now if I was 10, 20 or 30 years younger I might be tempted to spend more time on Tinder trying to arrange to meet a few girls in advance of a trip but the thing is I really enjoy the quest of bar hopping in search of that diamond amongst the stones. It’s just not the same for me doing it online. Besides meeting a girl on Tinder still can’t substitute for picking a girl off that gogo bar stage that’s showing some interest in you and then buying her a drink to see if you really feel that spark of desire. On Tinder and other online dating sites you’re only going off the photo. Once you meet in person you still run the risk that you just won’t feel the right vibes coming from the girl and if that happens then you just feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time and energy in trying to cultivate a bargirl online that once you met in person you decided that you’re just not interested in.

But I can certainly see the appeal of rolling the dice with Tinder to try to hook up a few hotties in advance but I guess I’m just an old school barmonger. I enjoy doing it the old fashioned way by bouncing in and out of as many bars as I can each night until I spot some girls that stand out from the pack that get my blood pumping and then choosing from those girls to buy drinks for and pursue…

That’s just the way I roll…

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sex Survey Says Guys Get Bigger Dicks from Blow Jobs than Beating Off....

A sex study found that men’s self-reported penis size was actually larger when they measured their penises following oral sex, versus after masturbating, although it's not entirely clear why… Hmmmm…

 Commentary: It’s just an unscientific guess on my part but perhaps having a woman’s lipstick covered lips do the vacuum number on your dick actually helps to increase the blood flow thus enlarging the penis further versus just a do it yourself hand job. Just saying…

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