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Bangkok After Hours - eBook
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bangkok police shut down film set in Khaosan Road

Pattaya One News reports that Khaosan Road in Bangkok looked a little different Wednesday. Women were showing a lot more skin beneath the glow of Japanese and Chinese signs featuring titillating images and stalls were selling lingerie and sex toys. The problem with this dystopian scene, a sci-fi trope since Blade Runner, was that the foreign production company behind it told the police it would not be identified as Thailand. In addition to having their set demolished, the filmmakers today were charged with three offenses including public indecency for misrepresenting their sexy market scene. Police said the production had been approved on the condition it would not “damage” the country’s reputation, according to Col. Pitak Sutthikul, chief of Chana Songkram police.
Pitak said the production team said their movie had nothing to do with Thailand and was in fact set in another country.
“That’s what we knew and we approved it,” Pitak said by phone Thursday. “I went to the scene, and to me, it wasn’t right. I had to order it canceled. I blame the lack of communication and understanding [between the film company and authorities]”
Members of the production company were charged with disobeying the authorities, public indecency and blocking public walkways.
Pitak declined to name the company or say where they were from.
However, when the set was erected Wednesday, a representative of the Khaosan Road Business Association filed a complaint with police against the production company for “destroying” the area’s image.

Khaosan Road is an internationally known destination for backpackers and other budget travelers.

Russian couple in Phuket claim armed robbers stole $100,000 in Bitcoin

Pattaya One News reports that a Russian couple has come forward to say they were robbed for US$100,000 (THB3.2 million) in bitcoin on Monday night while on vacation in Phuket. Maxin Lastouka, 27, and Nikulina Anna, 22, made a complaint with police in Phuket this morning, alleging that a group of foreigners stormed their accommodation in the Rawai area and held them hostage for six hours. It is unclear if the intruders are alleged to have had weapons. During that time, the couple told police that the attackers, also believed to be Russian, forced them to transfer US$100,000 worth of bitcoin to them, reported The Nation. Lastouka had seen at least one of the attackers in the neighborhood earlier so police believe they may have been following the couple. However, there is no way they could have known the pair had a large cryptocurrency investment unless they had been talking about it.
The perpetrators also allegedly stole the couple’s three laptops and one iPhone X as well as their passports. When police attempted to track the iPhone using GPS, they found the pricey smartphone had left Phuket for the mainland’s Nakhon Si Thammarat province and has since been taken into Malaysia.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sleepwalking American backpacker tourist steals car in Chiang Mai..

Pattaya One News reports that a young American man, whom police had to chase down after they found him in a missing car, claimed that he unconsciously drove the car out of a rental shop near his hostel in Chiang Mai while he was sleepwalking. The 22 old tourist, was tracked down by the owner of the rental shop on Tha Pae Road with the GPS inside the car. Chiang Mai police arrested him only about two hours after he allegedly stole a Honda City from the shop and drove over 30 kilometers across Chiang Mai, CH7 News reported. Police caught him at Sri Boonruang Intersection, after a chase down as the panicked tourist ran on foot from them. The car was found with a dented fender.
The rental shop’s owner Wittaya Sukarom said that his employee recklessly left the key inside the Honda before they closed up yesterday. This morning, he woke up to find out the car was gone, so they alerted the police. The American said that he arrived in Chiang Mai two days ago and had planned to travel in Thailand until Feb. 11. He alleged that he was “sleepwalking” when he took the car, adding he always sleepwalks when he’s stressed out.
The tourist said he didn’t have a recollection of when he took the car or where he had crashed it. Nevertheless, he has agreed to compensate the owner, Workpoint reported.
The police have charged him with theft, and the U.S. Embassy has been notified. If found guilty, he would face a jail term of up to three years and/or a fine of up to THB6,000.
Commentary: A 22 year old backpacker tourist had planned to travel around Thailand for a month… Claims he sleep walks when stressed and drove a stolen car around for 2 hours in Chiang Mai? Somebody had best do a urine test on this guy… Just saying…

Bangkok Police conclude Swedish man’s death as suicide..

Pattaya One News reports that Thai Police on Monday ruled the death of a Swedish national who fell from the balcony of a Bangkok hotel a suicide. Hakan Lennart Karlberg, 48, had been in Thailand about two weeks when he fell seven stories to his death Sunday morning at the Seasons Siam Hotel in the capital’s Ratchathewi district. “There were no signs of a struggle or a fight or anything that could point to murder, so it was probably a suicide,” Capt. Sahatchai Matthana of Din Daeng police said Monday. Sahatchai said Karlberg – a tourist who entered Thailand alone on Jan. 3 – did not leave a suicide note.
Commentary: Hmmmmm… No note… No sign of depression… In Bangkok for 2 weeks… Best to check the amount of Baht he had left, the balance in his bank account and his medical history if you ask me… If out of baht and an empty bank account then I’d say he was depressed and took a dive. If the medical history reveals a serious issue then he took a dive to go out with some flash. If, however he had plenty of cash and was overall healthy then call me suspicious. Just saying..

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Thai Woman charged for flashing ass on Facebook in effort to sell “whitening cream”…..

Pattaya One News: A Thai woman who went viral after showing her pale naked backside in a Facebook video to sell whitening cream that “works in hard to reach places” is facing two charges. Nitthakarn Nunthasuteepat was called to the Consumer Protection Police Division, in Bangkok’s Laksi district, and interrogated this afternoon, after two lawyers contacted the police alerting them to the possibly pornographic and misleading viral Facebook clip, reported Bangkok Post.
Pol. Col. Chanannat Santhawanpat, of the consumer protection police, said Nitthakarn was charged for mislabeling since the product’s label contained few details about what was inside or how it works. She was fined THB3,000 (US$94), according to Khaosod. The woman has also been charged with a Computer Crime Act misdeed for uploading a pornographic image, but was given bail since she did not pose a flight risk. The investigation into that is ongoing.
The police also asked the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to analyze the cream for toxic substances and to see if it is making unsubstantiated claims. Screenshots from another provocative video posted by Nitthakarn to promote a product. The suspect said she has been promoting products online for more than a year to boost sales and inform customers. She also said that her lawyer said she did nothing wrong since she only showed her butt and that the cream she promoted is FDA approved.

She also explained that she is a single mom, supporting herself, her daughter, and her mother.